VERKORKst premium candle plate with integrated thread * Ideal for cork walls and wooden walls * Forged by hand and powder-coated

number of pieces: 1 piece
Sale price€38,00


Dimensions approx.:
Diameter plate: 7.5 cm
Length: 15.5cm
Length to thread: 13.5 cm
Thread: length 2 cm, diameter 0.5 cm

Candle plate: steel - forged by hand - powder-coated - integrated thread - produced exclusively for verKORKst. You will also receive a tea light glass for each candle plate.

Accessories: Including magnetic T-spirit level, cross spirit level, for easy horizontal and vertical alignment of the candle plates. A spirit level is supplied regardless of the number of candle plates ordered.

TIMELESS ELEGANT DESIGN - The candle plates from verKORKst impress with their simplicity and unobtrusive beauty - candle plates from verKORKst give your candles a solid platform.

EXTREMELY STABLE AND DURABLE - Made from strong sheet steel - forged by hand and powder-coated. Integrated thread.

HANDMADE IN GERMANY - We at verKORKst stand with our name for absolute premium candle holders. Carefully selected materials in combination with loving craftsmanship lead to a long service life.

PERFECT FOR CORK WALLS AND WOODEN WALLS - Our candle plates were specially developed for cork walls - but are of course also suitable for wooden walls.

Are you looking for a candle plate especially for cork tiles or wooden tiles?

VERKORKst - these are special unique pieces made from the bark of the Spanish cork oak. From fruit bowls and decorative bowls to kitchen decorations and high-quality living room decorations - cork can do much more than just seal bottles and hold notes.

Your advantages of our candle holders at a glance:

● exclusive, timeless design
● for indoor & outdoor use
● strong sheet steel
● sturdily processed by hand
● powder-coated
● durable
● Manufactured in a way that conserves resources

Since each candle plate is forged by hand, there may be small deviations.

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