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With a voucher from verKORKst you give away sustainability and uniqueness

You will receive our vouchers in different price levels. And for every amount there is also a product to buy at verKORKst.

The design of the voucher was created by us. To do this, we cut out our name "verKORKst" from cork mats and then positioned them on a slab of slate.

A cash payment of a voucher is not possible.

verKORKst - creative things with cork from Bad Tölz

VERKORKst - these are special unique pieces made from the bark of the Spanish cork oak. From wall candle holders to lanterns to fruit bowls - cork can do much more than seal bottles and hold notes.

The verKORKst works lovingly designed by Maria and Andreas come from cork trees in Spain. They grow in warm, Mediterranean climates between olive and eucalyptus trees. Sustainable cork cultivation is the top priority. The regrowing bark of the cork trees is professionally peeled and further processed depending on the condition. After peeling, selected pieces of bark find their new home in Upper Bavaria. With joy and the greatest appreciation, the two lovingly handcraft the cork bark and refine it into unique handicrafts. verKORKst is more than decoration and more than a gift item. It is a way of life: treating people and nature with respect.

Our team:

These are Maria and Andi in Germany and Marianne and Rainer in Spain. We are united by our love of nature and our fascination with the unique material of cork. We are convinced that a sustainable approach to nature is fundamental to human existence. We live this conviction at every point in the manufacturing process at verKORKst - from cork cultivation to peeling and finishing. This bond makes us an unbeatable team.

What makes us different? Maria and Andi live in Upper Bavaria - in the picturesque Isarwinkel. Marianne and Rainer realize their dream of a farm with animals and cork trees on the farm in Spain. Four people have found each other at verKORKst who complement each other perfectly, work together and enjoy the beauty of life.

Why are we such CORK fans?

Anyone who dabbles a bit with cork will love it. You know the bottle cork and the pin board – but holding a piece of cork bark in your hand for the first time is a completely new experience. The bark is wildly overgrown and partly covered with lichen and moss. In contrast to wood, the cork bark is extremely light. The sight and the haptics are unusual and fascinating.

In addition to its beauty, cork is also an incredibly durable material. It is fireproof and water-repellent, light and therefore very handy. The bark always grows back, so the material convinces with sustainability. The tree does not have to be cut down, it lives on. At verKORKst we guarantee sustainable management at the highest level and 100% manual work.

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