verKORKst premium wall tiles made of cork bark * EUR 228 per sqm * wall covering 3D optics * wall panels made of cork * wall decoration * cork tiles

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It is a running meter of cork tiles with a height of 7 cm.

The individual pieces have a length between 8 and 40 cm. The thickness/strength is between 1.5 and 4 cm (for a unique 3D look).

If you would like individual panels to be processed individually (e.g. a certain surface smoothed for the installation of a wall lamp), please contact us and you will receive an offer tailored to your individual needs.

Plantings, lamps and candle plates shown are not included in the scope of delivery.

With a height of 7 cm, our cork tiles are ideal for your wall design and wall cladding and can easily be cut and adjusted to your liking with a small saw. In contrast to the tiles usually offered in the size 30 x 60 cm and 60 x 90 cm, with us you have a fascinating 3D look, almost no waste and significantly more variability during installation (e.g. with sockets, built-in wall lamps, etc. ).

Cork bark is fireproof, water-repellent, heat, cold and sound insulating. VerKORKst premium wall panels are therefore ideal for decorative cladding of walls in living and damp areas (also near Swedish stoves), as well as outdoors and in aquariums and terrariums.

Fascinating effects can be achieved by attaching and applying mosses, lichens and succulents. But also wall lamps or candle plates specially made for CORK (hand-forged, powder-coated with integrated thread) give your cork wall an individual touch.

Assembly/laying (we will of course support you with advice and action):

Indoors: We recommend screwing one or more plywood panels made of poplar wood (5-6 mm) of the desired size to the wall and gluing the cork strips to it with wood glue and additionally fixing them with black drywall screws. Alternatively, the cork panels can be attached directly to the wall with a mounting adhesive (e.g. UHU POLY MAX).

Outdoor and wet areas: Apply directly to the wall with a mounting adhesive (e.g. Patex Power mounting adhesive).

Aquarium and terrarium: Glue directly to the pane with a silicone adhesive (e.g. aquarium silicone aquarium).

TIMELESS ELEGANT DESIGN - The handmade cork wall panels from verKORKst give your home charm and an individual touch. This vintage wall paneling made from the bark of the cork oak impresses with its unique design and is an absolute eye-catcher on every wall.

VERSATILE - Whether terrace, balcony, sauna area, living room or bedroom - the exclusive design in combination with the unique properties of the cork leaves nothing to be desired and creates an indescribable feel-good atmosphere.

ABOUT THE CORK OAK - The cork oak is a true marvel of nature. It is not for nothing that the oaks are under nature protection and may not be felled or pruned. The bark of the cork oak regenerates after each peeling.

HANDMADE IN GERMANY - We at verKORKst stand with our name for absolute premium wall coverings made of cork bark. Carefully selected materials in combination with loving craftsmanship lead to a long service life.

NOBLE GIFT IDEA - Are you still looking for a suitable gift? Our handmade cork tiles are a truly unique surprise. Whether birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, wedding or as a gift for friends.

Are you looking for a decorative solution to beautify your four walls?

VERKORKst - these are special unique pieces made from the bark of the Spanish cork oak. From floor lamps and decorative bowls to kitchen decorations and high-quality living room decorations - cork can do much more than just seal bottles and hold notes.

Your advantages of our cork panels at a glance:

● exclusive, timeless design in 3D optics
● individual design options
● selected cork bark
● ensures a feel-good atmosphere
● easy and variable to assemble
● durable
● Manufactured in a way that conserves resources

The lovingly designed verKORKst wall panels come from cork trees in Spain. They grow in a warm, Mediterranean climate between olive and eucalyptus trees. Sustainable cork cultivation is the top priority. The regrowing bark of the cork trees is professionally peeled and further processed depending on the condition.
After peeling, selected pieces of bark find their new home in Upper Bavaria. With joy and the greatest appreciation, the two lovingly handcraft the cork bark and refine it into unique handicrafts. verKORKst is more than decoration and more than a gift item. It is a way of life: treating people and nature with respect.

The handcrafted, rustic 3D cork tiles ensure a natural atmosphere on every wall - but also in terrariums and aquariums. In addition to its beauty, cork is also an incredibly durable material. It is fireproof and water-repellent, light and therefore very handy.

The bark always grows back, so the material convinces with sustainability. The tree does not have to be cut down, it lives on. At verKORKst we guarantee sustainable management at the highest level and 100% manual work.

Since we process a purely natural product, there may be small deviations.


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