The verKORKst team got to know each other via the internet – of course not via a dating platform. Maria began to make vases out of corks. With the disparate craft corks interfering with the design, she set out to find bottle-quality wine cork manufacturers. This is how she discovered Marianne and Rainer from Spain. At the time, no one could have guessed what would come of this encounter. Marianne wanted to know what Maria and Andi were planning to do with the corks and Andi sent her pictures of the self-made cork vases. Marianne immediately recognized the creativity of the two and without further ado added a few cork barks to the package to Germany. Maria and Andi were amazed at what was in their package. The unusual and wild structure of the bark inspired the people of Tölz. With a slate plate for cheese and an RGB LED, they created the first prototype of a multi-talented presenter. They were immediately enthusiastic and made more and more pieces. Very quickly, the two were able to convince and inspire others with their idea and the wonderful cork bark. In a short time, a real verKORKst fan community has developed and many people have already brought nature into their homes with one or more unique verKORKst items. Through the intensive cooperation, the love of nature and the fascination with the material cork, a deep friendship developed between the two couples. In the meantime, they are in contact almost every day, visit each other and work on new verKORKst ideas. The respective strengths of the four complement each other perfectly and make the verKORKst team something very special.